The Books

The Honey Pony book series is the first of its kind. Designed to plant an early seed in young children’s minds about the delicate subject of animal neglect, rescue and adoption, we sincerely hope that these books will inspire children to adopt animals from local shelters and experience the joy that comes from saving and loving an animal.

Copperval Publishing donates 10% of yearly profits from the Honey Pony book series to both local and national animal welfare causes.

Book 1Honey Pony Is Saved

Honey Pony is a sweet, gentle little pony who has fallen on hard times. Neglected and alone, she dreams of a warm soft bed, lots of hay to eat and a forever family to love. Little does she know, happier times are on the way!

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Book 2 revisedHoney Pony Gets A Home

Honey Pony is living in a rescue shelter and dreaming of a forever home – until a kind family comes to adopt her! Once there, Honey helps a little boy overcome his fear and make a wonderful new friend.

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Book 3 revisedHoney Pony Helps A Friend

Honey Pony has finally found a forever home. Can she help her new friend, Decaf Cat, find one too?

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